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BIM: A Marketing Effort | Part II

After we set the stage for BIM being a marketing effort in part I, lets start the approach of this marketing effort within organizations: Implementing BIM as a technology and process is one thing, building company credentials and portfolio that supports the promises you make when responding to RFP and presenting to clients is another. It requires incorporating BIM within the DNA and fabric of your... [Read more]

BIM: A Marketing Effort | Part I

More and more organizations such as GSA, local government agencies and large developers are changing their pitch. A few years back it was common to see an RFP asking for “some BIM” scope as part of documenting design on projects. Today, shortly after, the same organizations are expecting much more in terms of demonstrated BIM expertise on real-time projects. Currently a number of leading key-challenges... [Read more]

How will BIM change the Reprographics industry?

Over the past several months I worked very closely with a reprographics giant to create an on-site FM solutions for our AEC firm to manage reproduction internally. This solution worked so greatly so far for our organization and it is helping cut cost tremendously. I was recently asked by the IRGA Convention to speak on BIM as part of a panel of two very accomplished speakers. My point of view will... [Read more]

AU Virtual Speaker Fun

I arrived at the chopping block, and to be honest: I looked around me in the speaker-ready room and found some big name speakers preparing for their first recording of the day while somewhat not together. (Only because we care). I had some nice conversations with my friend Donnie Gladfelter (The CAD Geek) which always helps. So finally I was called by the staff, it is my time to record one of three... [Read more]

About those AU Speakers

I have not been shy about my passion and respect to Autodesk University (AU). You want to know my history and commitment to AU, just look up this interview to see for yourself. With AU2011 call for proposals being open right now and the actual event right around the corner, I wanted to write a piece to honor and thank AU Speakers. Not myself, but those that I have looked up to and learned a lot from... [Read more]