Dear Autodesk Community, While Lynn was in Dallas / Fort Worth for the Autodesk 2010 tour we had the opportunity as the AUGI local leadership group to go out to dinner with Lynn. Part of that day’s festivities was a generous Infomart by Mrs. Allen showing off her presentation skills and this great invention “coffee – holder” which is perfect for utilizing while shopping. Please enjoy! Thank you Lynn, we enjoyed having you in Dallas. Joseph and Jose!

I write this 33,000 feet in route from Dallas to NYC,

While this is a BIM – REVIT leadership Blog, as a technologist I fully believe that Information Technology is key in implementing any processes such as BIM within our A/E industry. If utilized properly, technology is one of the pillars responsible for our success, integration and transparency.

With that, I bring to you a great discovery that I made earlier in the week when I was booking my trip from D/FW to NYC on AirTran Airways website when I learned that this carrier offer broadband internet through wireless access on all of its flights compatible with your laptops and/or hand-held devices. Yes, if I may add, $12.95 for a day-pass working great for connecting flights, $9.95 for one flight and $39.95 for a month pass if you were a heavy traveler.

What a marriage made in heaven, aviation is a great form of travel based on technology transporting industries and people from point A to point B creating and closing opportunities. Along that side, wireless internet access during these flights allowing individuals to connect with their clients, teams and superiors to keep progress moving on projects without loosing valuable hours in the sky.

For some, travel is a time to retreat, plan and document. For others, it may be catching up with a specialty book. Having the option of such transparent connectivity at a very affordable cost during such demanding times is extremely important for those that would utilize it. As for me, you can bet that my travel search will always begin with AirTran for this very purpose.

To create an account and/or research “gogo” on-board AirTran, use this site: