I spent a 100% of my career managing and making decisions for AECO organizations as a Technology/BIM/CAD Leader. I am excited to see the day that Autodesk University hosts a Design Technology Management Summit at Autodesk University 2010 I am in particular privileged to be part of the team that put this summit together and one of the judges that will be assessing the fun festivities of the day.

Well from the front line of the DTMC @ Autodesk University, I will get back to the fun now and shortly after report on the day. During the DTMC I will be hosting two sessions:
1) BIM & Business Development
2) What do we need from our Autodesk resellers?

Just remember if you are on your to this nice room, this event about Technology Leaders sharing ideas, discussing and challenging one-another as like-minded people.
For now, enjoy and we will see you shortly!

Autodesk University 2010 is fast approaching in Las Vegas. I am having the privilege yet again to be a speaker this year. My role at AU is always focused on the Business and Process sides of Building Information Modeling (BIM). This year, I will have a nice combination of Virtual, Lecture and UnConference sessions. My schedule is reflected below. Feel free to reach-out with any questions:

BO332-1V: BIM In Your Organization

DT128-3U: BIM and Business Development

DT131-3U: What Do We Need from Resellers?

CM344-1V: From CAD Managers to Leaders

BO422-1: Responding to the BIM RFP

I am working on my AU2010 class: Responding to the BIM RFP.
From my perspective, this is a growing challenge, as we move forward with BIM in a very economical challenging time. Our focus has been on the technology and maybe processes, however, very little done on the marketing and business development side.

Your assistance with this survey will be very much appreciated.