Over the past several months I worked very closely with a reprographics giant to create an on-site FM solutions for our AEC firm to manage reproduction internally. This solution worked so greatly so far for our organization and it is helping cut cost tremendously.

I was recently asked by the IRGA Convention to speak on BIM as part of a panel of two very accomplished speakers. My point of view will address the convention which most of which are reprographers and their suppliers on how BIM is changing the AEC industry. Partly, this speaking engagement will cover topics to educate them how BIM is evolving our business. The other part, is project how it will evolve their business to catch-up with ours.

So as I continue to put together my thoughts for the presentation, I took the time to think deeply of how their business will be affected by BIM. For one thing, I noticed a lot of reprographers now have a “BIM” business unit that goes after BIM work. I think to myself, REALLY?! Now they want to come after our thin market?! I think it is a joke how the term BIM is used so recklessly that it is losing the meaning of BIM.

In my mind, it is not farfetched to anticipate a “BIM Handler” business that will provide collaboration tools, virtualization and cloud computer power for a true BIM integrated project. It is not just 3D printing. Between BIM and sustainability – I wonder what the future of reprographics will be? Of course, that is after a really LONG time given that the AEC industry is slowly adopting BIM.

This doesn’t leave out others that will continue to be committed to printing such as Oil and Gas industry and many of the process piping and industrial design and construction firms that are less interested in BIM.

Let me know what you guys think of this, your feedback is valued.

I arrived at the chopping block, and to be honest: I looked around me in the speaker-ready room and found some big name speakers preparing for their first recording of the day while somewhat not together. (Only because we care). I had some nice conversations with my friend Donnie Gladfelter (The CAD Geek) which always helps. So finally I was called by the staff, it is my time to record one of three Virtual sessions in AU2010 and I thought “let the fun begin”. I really wasn’t joking. I arrived at a fun room with all these gadgets for filming, the staff were so much fun and pretended to care about my BIM and/or CAD Leadership passion.

So you get to do one take and one take only, at first it seemed “what the heck” I have to go for one hour and be camera-perfect?! All I had to do, is imagine that you my kind AU audience were the camera and I was reaching out to you through this studio. It turned out to be SO MUCH fun, a technology method that AU invests so much time and effort into to coordinate and deliver significant content to those that are unable to come to AU. Through AU Virtual — you are able to live the event moment by moment and we get to live it with you.

I can say that despite of my fears of letting you down, my AU Virtual classes were a huge success and I intend to do it again and again, as long as AU Virtual is offered by Autodesk University. As promised to my camera crew, a special thank you to all of you for being kind, caring and very patient with all of us!

I have not been shy about my passion and respect to Autodesk University (AU). You want to know my history and commitment to AU, just look up this interview to see for yourself. With AU2011 call for proposals being open right now and the actual event right around the corner, I wanted to write a piece to honor and thank AU Speakers. Not myself, but those that I have looked up to and learned a lot from and wanted to grow to become part of for many years.

This will give you our audience a good insight on what goes on behind the doors of an AU Speaker as well as a descent guide for becoming one, should you decide to submit for a class this year.

AU – The Event
For me, it is the most exciting industry event of the year. I guess you could say the world-cup of soccer. A place where you get to meet like-minded professionals that share high-quality: Design, Construction and Technology skills. Or what I like to call entrepreneur technologists. AU is the magical land of combining technical methodologies, strategic implementations and the future of our tools and processes “tomorrow”.

Definition of AU Speakers
Extremely passionate, highly qualified professionals and knowledge givers with varying areas of expertise yet all sharing a common variable which is serving our industries that are driven by creativity, design, engineering, assembly and technology.

In addition to all the above, AU Speakers go through a lot to deliver very unique and creative new content to you our audience every single year. Just read on and see for yourself some of the fun tasks:

Sharing the Knowledge: You have to be willing to share the wealth of your knowledge. Actually passing your own success and failures to others. AU Speakers are not information hoarders, they want to educate an entire industry to take us all to the next level.

Commitment: Since we are delivering content to our peers in the industry, it is the standard of AU as well as your elite speakers to deliver the best of the best in class material. This requires a significant commitment on our part to conduct deep research, solicit input, reach out to others to package up the best available hand-out and presentation to present to our audience to make it worthwhile their time. Why? Because we understand the pressure that you are burdened by your own boss to come back with solutions to every problem there is in your organization.

Battling Bosses: If you think every boss or company is excited about their employee becoming an AU Speaker, think twice. We have to battle through using project information, showcasing workflows and revealing “company secretes” to our competitors, as if we are the only ones that know how to create a REVIT family in the world.

With all of that being said, AU provides the best tools for speakers to manage their content and/or prep us to deliver the best of content. For me being an AU Speaker is a fun yet extremely challenging exercise that I simply look forward to enjoying every year. What makes it all worth it, is the participation and kind appreciation by you our audience.
See you all at AU-2011